Fotografie: Peter Goodbody

Katona Twins

Bach, Reinhardt, Bernstein, e.a.
Sun 29 May ’22 12:00 uur

Bach (arr. Katona) – French Suite no. 5
Reinhardt - From Nuages: Minor swing
P. Katona - Smerdyakov
Bernstein (arr. Katona) - From West Side Story: Maria, I feel pretty, Mambo, Somewhere, America
The Beatles (arr. Katona, Leo Brouwer) - Eleanor Rigby, Penny Lane, The fool on the hill, Come together

Sun 29 May ’22
12:00 uur
  • Sun 29 May ’22
    12:00 uur
    Small Hall

‘With their formidable virtuosity, it is difficult to imagine performances with more charm, fire, humour and colourful flair.’ The Katona Twins, as heard by the Daily Telegraph. 

The two have become regulars at the Muziekgebouw. Bach is very suitable to be arranged. That is how tightly knit and clear his music is. Each arrangement highlights a different aspect of this wealth. After Bach, the Katonas cross over to the 20th century, to brilliant jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and Bernstein’s revered West Side Story. The Beatles are great for translation to a guitar duet as well: after all, didn’t John & Paul’s melodies emerge while improvising on the guitar?

A delicious piece of pastry is included in the ticket price. You are welcome to relax in our foyer before or after the concert. A free Channel Classics CD is included in the ticket price for this series!