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Wed 1 Apr ’20 14:15 uur

philharmonie zuidnederland

Lejo discovers the Orchestra

Sander Teepen, conductor

Lise-Lott Kok, director
Toek Numan, arrangements
With special thanks to Stichting Henri Hermans

Wed 1 Apr ’20
14:15 uur
  • Wed 1 Apr ’20
    14:15 uur
    small hall
  • Price does not include € 2 service costs per ticket

Due to the latest measures implemented by our government around the corona virus outbreak, we have had to cancel all concerts and close our café Meneer Frits until June 1st. We are currently trying to re-schedule all cancelled concerts to a later date. Due to the enormity of this process, it may take a little longer than you might expect from us before we can give you any clarity. 

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven has had to close its box-office with immediate effect. You can reach us on e-mail, but we must ask you to refrain from contacting us about any cancellations. 

Ticket holders will be informed as soon as possible about the guidelines along which we will be handling tickets already paid for. We are doing our utmost and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding in these extraordinary times.

A hand, a pair of big eyes... Who doesn’t know him? Lejo, the famous hand puppet featuring in the Dutch Sesame Street, visits our orchestra. Do you want to meet him too? Lejo suddenly has to conduct the orchestra, Lejo the Maestro!

A heart-warming family concert
But try as he might, it just doesn’t work. Makes sense, if you don’t know a thing about an orchestra. Together with you, Lejo marvels at all the instruments. He discovers all the sounds of the orchestra and enjoys the famous music by, amongst others, Mozart, Dvorák, and Rossini, and the variations on Lejo’s own tune, composed by Mike Boddé. Puppeteer Lejo Peterson plays Lejo live from a small film set on stage and you can look through Lejo’s eyes at all the instruments, sometimes even in them! A delightful way to discover what an orchestra is like.

To keep the waiting time at the bar to a minimum, a 'walletless break' applies to this concert. You pay for your break drink in advance when ordering your entrance ticket. So you can enjoy your company and your drink for longer!

In de Kindermuziekweek zijn op meer dan 25 plaatsen meer dan 75 concerten, workshops, zanglessen en andere activiteiten te bezoeken. In Muziekgebouw Eindhoven hebben we tijdens de Kindermuziekweek een gevarieerd programma, voor jong en oud!

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