Fabrizio Paterlini

Sun 21 Nov ’21 20:15 uur
Sun 21 Nov ’21
20:15 uur
  • Sun 21 Nov ’21
    20:15 uur
    Small Hall
    Past event

The music of Italian composer and pianist Fabrizio Paterlini can be characterized as many different things. Call it neo-classical, ambient, new age and minimal. More common words used to describe his music are ethereal, sensitive, emotional, dreamy, delicate and passionate. Fabrizio himself describes his work as ‘’a glass of red wine on a summer evening’’, thus acknowledging the calming effect of his melodies on his audience.

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HIs career was pushed forward in 2007 with the release of his debut album Viaggi in Aeromobile, a collection of structured, elegant and atmosperic pieces. In the following years Fabrizio released several albums like Autumn Stories (2012), The Art of the Piano (2014), Secret Book (2017) and Winter Stories (2018) - each with its own character.

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This pianist has been performing throughout Europe this past year while also releasing the first of a 3-EP series caaled Transitions. This EP will be included in his current 2020 performances.

This concert is part of a format called Felt: neo- classical re-invented. Felt is an oasis in your everyday busy-ness. Felt is tangible and up close, as an answer to hurry and hype, featuring unique artists performing in a special setting. Music that intensifies and slows down time. Venues can be Muziekgebouw, the open air, Van Abbemuseum, Catharinakerk or Piet Hein Eek’s.


Fabrizio Paterlini zou in eerste instantie 7 juni 2020 in de Kapel staan. Vanwege de maatregelen rond het coronavirus is het concert verplaatst naar de Kleine zaal op zondag 21 november 2021.


Dit concert is onderdeel van de programmalijn Felt: neo-klassiek in een nieuw jasje. Felt is een oase in de drukte van alledag. Felt is voelbaar en dichtbij, als antwoord op de haast en hype. Met unieke artiesten, spelend in een bijzondere setting. Intense muziek die verdiept, de tijd doet vertragen tot een ervaring die je niet snel zult vergeten. Soms in het Muziekgebouw, soms in de buitenlucht, dan weer in het Van Abbemuseum, de Catharinakerk of bij Piet Hein Eek.