Fotograaf: Marco Borggreve
Fri 13 Nov ’20 19:00 uur and 21:00 uur
Bartók, Ravel, Paul Dukas

TROMP Percussion 2020 Opening Night

Arthur & Lucas Jussen, piano
Ferhan & Ferzan, Önder piano
Alexej Gerassimez, percussion
Emil Kuyumcuyan, percussion
TROMP percussionists

Bartók - Sonats for 2 piano’s & percussion (Arthur & Lucas Jussen, Alexej Gerassimez, Emil Kuyumcuyan)
Paul Dukas - The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Arthur & Lucas Jussen)
Ravel - Bolero  (Ferhan & Ferzan Önder, TROMP percussionists)

Fri 13 Nov ’20
19:00 uur and 21:00 uur

With no less than two piano duos (Jussen brothers & Önder sisters) and TROMP percussionists, this is a richly decorated concert featuring only classics. Bartók’s Sonata demonstrates all sorts of percussive possibilities and is utterly compelling. The work was first performed by the composer and his second wife Ditta Pásztory-Bartók on piano and percussionists Saul Goodman and Henry Deneke, at the anniversary concert of the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) on 16 January 1938 in Basel, Switzerland.  It was well-received by the press and went on to become one of the composer’s most popular works.

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Ravel’s famous Bolero will undoubtedly provide some musical spectacle. Ravel himself called this piece a musical vacuum, but it’s nevertheless known as one of his masterpieces. The Bolero consists of two themes, each played by different instruments. Following two introductory bars played on the snare drum, the first theme is played by a solo flute, after which the entire orchestra gradually joins in, each new segment being played with a little more crescendo than the previous one.

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This concert doens't have an interval. A drink is included in your ticket; drinks are available in the lobby and beofre the concert only.

Rijk uitgedost concert met louter klassiekers.


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