Frank en René Groothof & Ensemble SeaSession

Circus Charms (7+) - een muzikale familievoorstelling
Sun 12 Sep ’21 15:00 uur
Sun 12 Sep ’21
15:00 uur
  • Sun 12 Sep ’21
    15:00 uur
    Small Hall
    Past event

The ‘Groothof Brothers’ are back with a dazzling musical circus. Whimsical, offbeat craziness is the common thread running through this production for the whole family, in which the brothers will be presenting their take on the insane stories of Russia’s greatest absurdist writer, Daniil Charms. Watch them frolicking around the ring fighting, playing, arguing and singing. Because no circus is complete without live music, Seasession will be playing some rollicking tunes by Revolutionary Russians from the twenties.

The Brothers are the ringmasters of a vaudeville show featuring plenty of music, sketches, circus acts and films. Above all, they will be gadding about with each other in lots of different ways, arguing and telling each other stories and fairy tales. Alternating between brotherly strife and brotherly love, their fights and scolding sessions are always followed by reconciliation. Every time they announce an act – whether it’s an acrobat, clown or trapeze act – the orchestra makes its entrance, commanding everyone’s full attention. In the hands of eight inspired musicians, the music is new, different, expressive and sometimes serene. The Brothers make mischief but despite their annoyance with the orchestra, they become enthralled by the music. They want to join in. Together with the orchestra they sing completely absurd Russian songs at the top of their voices. After this, the musicians think they’ve won the battle: they’re going to get involved in the sequel. The Russian horn player recites a poem, the percussionist performs an acrobatic act at the front of the stage. Of course, the brothers take over by stirring things up and creating chaos.

Wervelend muzikaal circus.

Concept: Pauline Post
Direction, scenography and acting: René Groothof, Frank Groothof
Dramaturgy, text adaptation: Pauline Post, René Groothof, Frank Groothof
Animated video: Sjeng Schupp
Sets and costumes: Lynne Leegte
Music: Russian chamber music from the 1920s by Alexander Mosolov, Alexei Deshevov, Arno Babadyanyan, Alexej Zhivotov, Leonid Polovinkin

Flute: Ingrid Geerlings
Oboe: Evert Weidner
Horn: Sergei Dovgaliouk
Violin: Marijke van Kooten
Cello: Anneke Janssen
Double bass: Quirijn van Regteren Altena
Piano: Pauline Post
Percussion: Pepe Garçia