Photo credit: Moon Saris
Sun 7 Mar ’21 15:00 uur

Het Boompje (4+)

Alle hoeken van de Kamermuziek
Sun 7 Mar ’21
15:00 uur
  • Sun 7 Mar ’21
    15:00 uur
    small hall

The little tree is not happy; she has no soft green leaves, but hard, prickly needles. Also, she wants to be just as beautiful as all the other trees. Her wish will come true, but not quite like she thought it might. Alle Hoeken van de Kamermuziek presents its humorous take on this timeless story for the youngest opera audience. Bastiaan Woltjer wrote the charming music for this production, proving that an opera can swing!

Het Boompje has been based on an old poem by Friedrich Rückert: Vom Bäumlein, das andere Blätter hat gewollt (1813), and the picture book inspired by it and known by almost any toddler: Het Boompje by Loek Koopmas (editior Christofoor, 2008). Utrecht poet and librettist Ruben van Gogh arranged it for the Alle hoeken van de Kamermuziek ensemble making this timeless story into a contemporary, poetic and funny version for the smallest opera lovers. Bastiaan Woltjer added atmospheric and rebellious music which makes the passing of the seasons audible. His music also proves that opera can actually swing!

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