Fotograaf: Gian Maria Musarra
Thu 25 Feb ’21 20:15 uur
Mozart, Saint-Saëns, Fauré, Haydn

philharmonie zuidnederland

Brunello’s Ode to Mozart

Mario Brunello, composer and cello

Mozart - From Don Giovanni - Ouverture 
Fauré - Elegie for cello & orchestra
Haydn - Symfonie no 93
Saint-Saëns - Celloconcert no 1 
Tsjaikovski - Suite no 4 'Mozartiana'

Thu 25 Feb ’21
20:15 uur
  • Thu 25 Feb ’21
    20:15 uur
    main hall

A fiery, sparkling classic

‘Mozart enchants me, he gives me joy, he gives me warmth’, wrote Tchaikovsky. As a 5-year-old he was already moved by Mozart’s music for the opera Don Giovanni and as a teenager he was smitten for life. ‘It is nigh impossible to describe the enthusiasm, the happiness and the intoxicating effect this music has on me’, he sighed. 

With his usual flair and vivacity, Mario Brunello knows exactly how to bring this sentiment to life in his rendition of Tchaikovsky’s ode to Mozart, the Mozartiana. Of course, this being a Haydn Chair Concert, the grandmaster himself will be present in the programme too with his first ‘London’ Symphony, in which Haydn quoted Mozart’s Don Giovanni in the fourth movement. But there is more: this concert also gives you the wonderful opportunity of hearing the Italian master cellist play the beloved First Cello Concerto by Saint-Saëns and the tranquil Elegie by his compatriot Fauré. 

To keep waiting times down to an absolute minimum, this concert will make use of the 'wallet-less intermission' concept. Visitors are asked to pay for their intermission drink in advance when ordering their tickets: the perfect solution for enjoying your company and your drink as long as possible!


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