Fotograaf: Gian Maria Musarra
Fri 9 Apr ’21 20:15 uur
Respighi, Mahler, Haydn e.a.

philharmonie zuidnederland

Brunello’s most beautiful Mahler

Mario Brunello, conductor and cello

Respighi - Gli Uccelli
Schubert/Cassado - Arpeggione Sonata for Cello and Orchestra 
Mahler - 'Blumine'
Haydn - Symphony No. 83, ‘La Poule’ 

Fri 9 Apr ’21
20:15 uur
  • Fri 9 Apr ’21
    20:15 uur
    main hall

Of classical gems and misfits 

Blumine might just have been Gustav Mahler’s most beautiful symphony movement, with its rich orchestration, filled to the brim with melancholy and tender melodies. Look out over the fields, hear how the birds flutter their wings, smell all the flowers. 

And yet, Mahler scratched it out of his First Symphony. ‘Kill your darlings’, they say. But, is it true he wrote this piece for his beloved Johanna? And was this movement scratched at the behest of Alma, who would later become his wife? Mario Brunello brings Blumine to life along with a couple of gems that make for unexpected and exciting musical combinations. A cello concerto based on Schubert’s wonderful Arpeggione Sonata. Twittering, tripping, and pattering birds in Gli Ucceli, Respighi’s masterful adaptation of bird music by five composers from the 17th century. And finally, Haydn’s Sturm und Drang-gem La Poule. Goosebumps are guaranteed! 

To keep waiting times down to an absolute minimum, this concert will make use of the 'wallet-less intermission' concept. Visitors are asked to pay for their intermission drink in advance when ordering their tickets: the perfect solution for enjoying your company and your drink as long as possible!


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