Goes to church
Sat 3 Dec ’22 20:30 uur
Sat 3 Dec ’22
20:30 uur
  • Sat 3 Dec ’22
    20:30 uur
    Paterskerk (DomusDela)
    Past event

TARJA is an extraordinaty artist who doens't need an introducution. As the former frontwoman of the Finnish band Nightwish she rewrote the heavy metal book of rules. The innovative combination of the classically trained soprano with symphonic heavy metal has not only created a new genre, it has also inspired countless imitators and thousands of young girls into taking singing lessons as well as given women in heavy metal a specifically female voice. 

TARJA released her 5th studio album on 30th August 2019 and is touring it now through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

Following the announcement of her solo career and her leaving the band in 2005, TARJA released her own rock- and metal ablum, titled My Winter Storm, two years later (2007). Three years after the last album The Shadow Self (2016), In The Raw brings TARJA's outstanding and beautiful soprano to the forefront once again. In collaboration with the musicians in her band and their well-tried production team, the most important idea was that gold doesn't necessarily have to shine but can be a raw element in its natural state. This concept of gold in its raw form has also been made visible in the album's artwork, with TARJA - photographed by Tim Tronckoe - showing it in St. Michael's Grotto on Gibraltar, surrounded by vivid colours and golden brilliance.

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TARJA Goes to Church is a co-production of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and Loud Noise.

Please note: this concert takes place in the Paterskerk, at DomusDela.
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Seat reservation for this concert is not available. Random seating only!