All the Unknown
Thu 28 Oct ’21 20:15 uur
Thu 28 Oct ’21
20:15 uur
  • Thu 28 Oct ’21
    20:15 uur
    Paterskerk (DomusDela)
    Past event

Following the release of their third studio album All The Unknown in January, Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel - better known as the duo Grandbrothers will tour across the UK and Europe. The LP builds on the past success of albums Dilation (2015) and Open (2017) and sees a move towards a yet more powerful iteration of the Grandbrothers sound.

Underpinning the music remains the duo’s extraordinary live setup and the basis for the pair’s “four handed” approach. Using a unique system of homemade apparatus and bespoke computer software, Grandbrothers transform the piano into a versatile, polyphonic sound source that can be operated like a giant drum machine to produce all manner of timbres. Visually arresting onstage, the arrangement has been likened to viewing “open heart surgery on a piano”, and complements the pair’s admirable showmanship. Musically All The Unknown remains energetic and hopeful - rich with a yearning that speaks as much to the listener's heart as it does to their feet - but as ever it’s in the live setting that Sarp and Vogel’s craft really shines.

Beginning life in 2012 as a project centered around a modified piano that combined innate musicality with homemade mechanics, Grandbrothers’ raison d’etre remains the same - an emotive celebration of influence spanning dance music, contemporary hip hop, classical composition & more.

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This concert will be given in the Paterskerk, near DomusDela. Please refer to this map.


This concert is part of a format called Felt: neo- classical re-invented. Felt is an oasis in your everyday busy-ness. Felt is tangible and up close, as an answer to hurry and hype, featuring unique artists performing in a special setting. Music that intensifies and slows down time. Venues can be Muziekgebouw, the open air, Van Abbemuseum, Catharinakerk or Piet Hein Eek’s.

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