Nederlandse Bachvereniging

St. Matthew Passion
Tue 5 Apr ’22 19:00 uur

Shunske Sato, violin & artistic direction
Daniel Johannsen, evangelist
Marie Louise Werneburg, soprano 1
Alex Potter, alto 1
Zachary Wilder, tenor 1
Dominik Wörner, bass 1
Lucia Caihuela, soprano 2
Christopher Ainslie, alto 2
Benedict Hymas, tenor 2
Wolf Matthias Friedrich, bass 2

Bach - St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244

Tue 5 Apr ’22
19:00 uur
  • Tue 5 Apr ’22
    19:00 uur
    main hall
  • Take advantage with a multi-selection

This year, in 2022, we celebrate a 100-year-old tradition: we have been performing Bach's S. Matthew Passion since 1922.  Shunske Sato played this work with the Nederlandse Bachvereniging under a good many well known guest conductors.

In his fourth season as artistic director, Shunske himself now play-directs Bach's masteriece from the first desk. He is convinced of the special power of this performance method, which was common practice in Bach's time.

In the St. Matthew Passion, different groups communicate with each through dialogue. Bach accomplished this by composing for two ensembles. For that reason, Shunske strives to make full use of the accustics: "I'd like to work with a spatial stage set-up in which the two ensembles are placed away from each other; this will put a bigger focus on Bach's stereo effect, adding a fundamental aspect to the St. Matthew Passion.

To reduce wating times at the bar to an absolute mininmum, we are using a cashless interval. A drink is included in your ticket, so you'll have more time to enjoy your company and your drink.


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