Dana & Mikhail Zemtsov en Anna & Borys Fedorov

Fathers and daughters
Sun 27 Mar ’22 12:00 uur

Dana & Mikhail Zemtsov, altviool
Anna & Borys Fedorov, piano

E. Zemtsov - Melodie im alten stil  
Chopin - Nocturne
Roslavets -  Altvioolsonate
B. Fedorov - Introduction & Toccatella
Kugel - Preghiera
Glazunov -  Elegie
B. Fedorov - “Amarcord - childhood memories”
M. Zemtsov - Tango suite

Sun 27 Mar ’22
12:00 uur
  • Sun 27 Mar ’22
    12:00 uur
    Small Hall
    Past event

‘Fathers and Daughters
A passion for music as well as  your instrument as part of your DNA? Definitely! These four top musicians will prove it. Violist Dana Zemtsov and pianist Anna Fedorova play together with their father (you guessed it: violist and pianist) the fines Russian music. Mikhail Zemtsov (himself son of a violist, of course) was born in Russia and is leader of the Residentie Orchestra's viola section. He started teaching his daughter Dana her first violin lessons when she was 5.

Dnan Zemtsov is now considered to be one of the best violists of her generation. She plays all over the world, won numerous prizes and counts Janine Jansen and Boris Berezovsky among her musical partners. Anna Fedorova was also taught by her father, in Kiev where she was born. "The house was always filled with piano music and from the age of 2 all I ever wanted was to become a pianist" says Anna in an interview. With 30 million views, her live-performance of Rachmaninov's second piano concerto in Concertgebouw Amsterdam, is one of the best watched videos on Youtube. Borys Fedorov studied in Moscow at the Tchaikovsky State Conservatoire. He is pianis, composer and a very successful piano professor.

This concert doesn't have an interval. A drink is included in your ticket. Additionally, this concert comes with a delicious slice of apple pie.

 ZO 27 MRT 2022 | Dana & Mikhail Zemtsov en Anna & Borys Fedorov

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