Inge Hondebrink

Marike Jager & Martijn Bosman

Sat 14 May ’22 20:15 uur
Sat 14 May ’22
20:15 uur
  • Sat 14 May ’22
    20:15 uur
    Small Hall
    Past event

One of Holland's most adventurous singer-songwriters; Marike Jager is back! She enchants, moves and crushes. Finally she is back in the theater, this time together with drummer Martijn Bosman (Gotcha!, Henny Vrienten, etc.). 

Faithful fans have known it for years; Marike captivates from start to finish. Lowlands already fell into a tizzy. And then followed that impressive cover of 'Come Together' by The Beatles on DWDD. After the filmic 'Here Comes The Night' and the tranquil 'The Silent Song', Marike recently surprised with the cheerful, energetic album 'Hey Are You OK'. 

Suddenly a virus brought everything to a standstill. Marike's club tour was cut short, festivals were cancelled. It became quiet and hopeless. After a nice telephone conversation with band member Martijn, he spontaneously mailed her a drumbeat for inspiration. Both feel an urge to make something again. Who knows, maybe they could do it together? But how does something like that happen from a distance? Via email the writing begins, some 125 km apart. Rhythms, melodies and guitar lines fly back and forth. Two quirky characters who jump into the deep end together and start making music. What does that sound like? Hit me!

De hoekige riffs over gruizige grooves en de vocalen roepen herinneringen aan The Talking Heads op, maar dan met een nadrukkelijker punkhouding.