Ronald du Chatinier

Slagerij van Kampen

Rhythm of Life
Sat 28 May ’22 20:15 uur
Sat 28 May ’22
20:15 uur

With the heartwarming energy of the band members, impressive set-ups, shows full of visual effects and the unmistakable power of the exhilarating drums, Slagerij van Kampen has become a world-class phenomenon.

A beverage is included in the ticket price.

In their new dazzling show Rhythm of Life they capture the beauty of the earth in the primal drive of the drums; a fusion of cultures, the overwhelming elements of nature and the purity of life incorporated in the most beautiful rhythms. Sometimes grand and compelling, other times gossamer and tranquil. Hear the rain, the rustling of the trees, feel the sun and taste the freedom. 

Rhythm of Life is an intense and impressive musical spectacle from the first to the last minute.

Band: Olaf Fase, Boudine van Slobbe, Clara de Mik, Johan Boere, Robin van Vliet

Artistic Direction: Eric Dieteren | Lighting Design: The Art of Light

Producer and Publicity: ICON Entertainment BV

The percussionists are given plenty of room for solo spots, play duets, and as a team are perhaps the best formation ever. Everything is played very tight.

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