The Hello Darlins

American folk supergroup
De Maandag van Van Meurs
Mon 31 Jan ’22 20:45 uur
Mon 31 Jan ’22
20:45 uur
  • Mon 31 Jan ’22
    20:45 uur
    Meneer Frits
    Past event

A few of Canada’s most in-demand roots music session musicians decided to create something new on their own!  They created “The Hello Darlins“, a group with an impeccable pedigree poised to shake up the Americana and Roots music scene! 

The album Go By Feel was released in 2021, and it immediately drew a lot of attention. The title reflects the feeling of the recordings: it had to sound direct and natural, without too many studio tricks. And of course it had to be live. That worked out well, and now The Hello Darlins are coming to the Netherlands for the first time. Because it's a loose club, we can't say who will be on stage, but regular members Mike and Candace have such a huge list of musicians to choose from, that you can be assured of a star cast.


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