Altin Gün & Moğollar

psychedelic Anatolian retro music
Turkey Now! Festival
Tue 8 Mar ’22 20:15 uur
Tue 8 Mar ’22
20:15 uur
  • Tue 8 Mar ’22
    20:15 uur
    Main Hall
    Past event

Altın Gün and Moğollar: two typical representatives of psychedelic Anatolian retro music at their best, perform together for the first time, at the Turkey Now! Festival.

This is a unique opportunity to experience their amalgam of Anatolian musical roots and musical links between past and present live. The Turkish Moğollar was groundbreaking in this genre and the Dutch-Turkish Altın Gün is a pioneer in further perfecting it.

Moğollar, one of Turkey's first modern rock bands, was formed in 1968. They experimented with Western rock and Turkish folk music, all to classical poetic lyrics. The band is still one of the most relevant rock bands in Turkey.

The Turkish-Dutch Altın Gün hardly needs an introduction in the Netherlands. It mixes Turkish folk and disco-pop with psychedelia, funk and rock into an extremely danceable and upbeat whole. The six are inspired by traditional Turkish music and musicians such as Selda Bağcan, Barış Manço and Erkin Koray. Altın Gün manages to sample the Turkish sound from the seventies and at the same time sound completely fresh and new, with fuzzy basses, raw saz riffs and the occasional organ. The ensemble has now also achieved success far beyond our borders.

Moğollar and Altın Gün, musical kindred spirits in so many ways, have never performed together. So this will be a unique evening!

 Altin Gün & Moğollar

Sit/stand concert

This is a sit/stand concert. This means that you can both sit or stand at the concert. There is free choice of place, it is not possible to reserve a place.