GoGo Penguin

Sun 18 Dec ’22 20:15 uur
Sun 18 Dec ’22
20:15 uur

GoGo Penguin is an English band from Manchester, consisting of three insane band members: pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Jon Scott. Electronics and club culture come together in a blend with minimalistic jazz and rock influences.

The members of GoGo Penguin are internationally acclaimed as exciting live performers and innovative soundtrack composers. Among other things, they merge jazz, classical and electronic influences with a thirst for innovation. And this all puts together a fantastic show with extraordinary special effects. 

Awarded as the creators of one of the Mercury Prize albums of the year in 2014, they have enjoyed success on record and also in live shows, that is matched by few singer-less groups of the 21st century.

They will perform music from their 2020 Blue Note Records release, along with new music and favorites. 2022 also marks the tour debut of the band's newest member, drummer Jon Scott, who brings his own unique style to GoGo Penguin. 

Powered by fluttering, junglist drums, slithering bass lines and an increasing bank of Enoesque digital manipulations. Hypnotic stuff.

The Guardian