Yukine Kuroki

Winner Liszt Piano Competitoin 2022 in recital
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Sun 12 Feb ’23 14:15 uur

Handel - Chaconne
Liszt – Ballade no. 2, S171 
Liszt - Piano sonata in B minor
Schubert/Liszt – Erlkönig
Schubert/Liszt – Ave Maria

Sun 12 Feb ’23
14:15 uur

Thursday, September 29, the Japanese Yukine Kuroki (b. 1998) was named the winner of the International Franz Liszt Piano Competition. As part of her prize, Yukine will be taking the stage in our Main Hall on February 12. We can't wait to welcome this young talent!

Kuroki knew how to give the right weight to the notes in each chord and build tension quite naturally. Much more than the other candidates, with her interpretaton of the Wandererfantaie, she effortlessly let the sounds of the grand piano merge with the orchestra. In her solos, her playing was inescapable.

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