Nick Rutter

Tallis Scholars

Tallis Scholars 50th Anniversary
Palestrina, Tallis, Rutter
Sat 11 Mar ’23 20:15 uur

Pärt - Seven Magnificat-Antiphones
Eriks Esenvalds - Stars
Mahler - Adagietto from Symphonie n5. 5 (arr. Gérard Pesson)
Tchaikovsky – The Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Sat 11 Mar ’23
20:15 uur

Light of heavenly spheres – Tallis Scholars 50th Anniversary
The idea behind this programme was to include music which goes round and round, suggesting the motion of the planets. So we have pieces where the voices circle each other (Gibbons, Morley); pieces which describe light, arguably planetary light (Muhly, White, Rutter, Byrd, Fayrfax, Tallis); pieces which make use of canon (Palestrina, Josquin) - a technique which is based on two parts circling round each other; and Isaac's hymn to the angels and archangels, who traditionally inhabit the vastnesses of space. But perhaps the most complete of these choices is the last one, where Josquin involves his six-part choir in three separate canons. Here the top two parts move round each other, as do the third and fourth parts; and all of this is underpinned by two bass parts singing the L'homme armé melody in a special, retrograde canon made up of long-notes, God-like.    

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Gibbons - Hosanna 
Morley- Hark! Alleluia 
Taverner - Quemadmodum 
Muhly - Rough Notes 
White - Christe qui lux es IV 
Palestrina - Agnus dei (from the Missa Brevis)
Rutter - Hymn to the Creator of Light 
Byrd - O lux beata Trinitas 
Fayrfax - O lux beata Trinitas 
Tallis - O nata lux 
Isaac - Angeli, Archangeli 
Josquin - Agnus dei (from the Missa L’homme armé Sexti Toni)

vivid chromatic colouring, a piercing beauty

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