Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

o.l.v. Lahav Shani
Wed 17 May ’23 20:15 uur

Lahav Shani, conductor
Chen Reiss, soprano
Dame Sarah Connolly, mezzo soprano
Laurens Symphonic Choir

Mahler - Symphony no. 2 'Auferstehung'

Wed 17 May ’23
20:15 uur

Death. Salvation. Resurrection. No less than all three are incorporated in Mahler's gigantic Second Symphony. Lasting almost 90 minutes it took him years to complete. It involves a large symphony orchestra with extra brass and a glockenspiel, with a four-part choir as well as a solo soprano and alto, also including a 'Fernorchester' situated just outside the hall. Did it really have to be this big? Yes it did! Mahler wanted to express the most elevated thoughts and the notes on their own weren't going to do the job. It has become an absolutely epic work on a grand scale!

There will be a free introduction at 7:30 PM, co-sponsored by the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven Friends Association.

The Rotterdam Philharmonic is a modern symphony orchestra with strong roots in the tradition of classical music and the temperament, of their home ground the city of Rotterdam. Under the baton of chief-conductor Lahav Shani this promisses to be a grand performance of Mahler's masterpiece.

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Gustav Mahler