Berlage Saxophone Quartet

Kleine Zaal op Zondag
Sun 29 Jan ’23 12:00 uur

Peter Vigh, arrangements
Ria Marks, director
Jurjen Alkema, decor & lichting
Karin Eilers, costumes

Sun 29 Jan ’23
12:00 uur

Sleepless nights - oh, he was so fed up with them. To make them bearable Count Kaiserling of Sachsen came up with a solution: he would have someone in the room next door play music for him all night. He picked the young harpsichord player Goldberg. One day, Bach came to visit, so the count asked him to write some pieces to cheer him up in the night. Bach gave him his Goldberg Variations for an answer and received a precious gold cup containing one hundred louis d'or. There are doubts about the truth of this story, however, not in the least because Goldberg was only fourteen years old at the time Bach wrote his masterpiece...

Whatever the truth, Bach wrote his aria & 32 variations in 1740 for harpsichord. Piano is allowed to, or - and yes, it works really well - a saxophone quartet.

The fenomenal Berlage Quartet has set out to do exactly that. In a theater setting to boot. You'll be hearing no less than 7 different saxophones, the rare bass saxophone among them. And you'll notice all sorts of duo's, trio's and quartets hidden in Bach's score, originally meant for the harpsichord.