Chastity Brown

Van Meurs' Monday
Mon 13 Jun ’22 20:15 uur
Mon 13 Jun ’22
20:15 uur
  • Mon 13 Jun ’22
    20:15 uur
    Meneer Frits
    Past event

Chastity Brown is a fiesty person. Her music has a good amount of soul to it, but it is based on a certain rebelliousness typical for folk artists. But don't pigeonhole her, Brown would prefer to stay away from any typecasting. The fact that she's of colour as well as gay make that people already see her in a certain way. This sometimes really bugged her, but over time she has learned to turn this negative energy into inspiration, causing songs like Mad Love.

That song and the album Silhouette of Sirens (2017) generated enough interest to send her touring Europe. She ended up at Ramblin' Roots and North Sea Jazz. and even secured a place on tv in Jools Holland. But Brown is also a perfectionist, so there isn't a follow-up album immediately. Writing it is a long process, but the result should be worth it and is plannend to come out in the spring of 2022. Its working title is Sing to the Wall, containing even more soul, so Brown says, with songs more liberal and frivolous than ever. Because that's what Brown stands for. The only answer to hatred is love, she says, and writing love songs feels like an act of rebellion. Sexy and soulful rebellion that is. 

Van Meurs' Monday takes place every Monday in the Muziekgebouw café Meneer Frits and features singer-songwriters, acoustic bands, rootsy performers and other gems from the musical world.