Liquid Spirits

Blue Note ClubSessions
Blue Note ClubSessions
Sat 8 Oct ’22 17:00 uur

Ivan Peroti - vocals
Manuel Hugas - bass
Wiboud Burkens - keys
Eric Hoeke – drums

Sat 8 Oct ’22
17:00 uur

Dutch hiphop and soul group Liquid Spirits is the brain child of keyboard player Wiboud Burkens and bass player Manuel Hugas - this time supported by an excellent live band and various vocalists. Liquid Spirtis is known for its genre-diversity, ranging from funky soul with polyphonic vocals to sounds leaning towards hiphop. Liquid Spirits recently released its fourth studio album 'Years', with vocalist Ivan Peroti (known for his collaborations with Sven Hammond Soul and Candy Dulpher).

In short, if you're looking for a neo-soul experience with lots of jazz and funk in the mix, you definitely shouldn't miss this edition of the Blue Note ClubSessions!

The Blue Note ClubSessions stand for an informal Saturday afternoon club setting featuring big names as well as upoming young talent from the jazz and soul scene. The Stadsfoyer (City foyer) offers a great setting to combine a get together and enjoying some top-level live music.

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Doors open at 16h30, this gives you time to enjoy a drink and the pleasant strains of our jazz-DJ. 

Live concert starts at 17h00 and finishes at 18h15; our jazz-DJ takes over until 19h00.