TROMP 2022: Competition Semi Finals

Wed 16 Nov ’22 and Thu 17 Nov ’22
Wed 16 Nov ’22
Thu 17 Nov ’22

In the Semi Finals the remaing participants compete for a spot in the Finale of TROMP 2022. Each participant compiles a programme for a recital for solo percussion of max. 45 minutes (including intervals). The individual programmes must include:

  • the new compulsory work for percussion solo by Petra Strahovnik, commissioned by TROMP (duration about 5 minutes)
  • at least one work for mallets of one’s own choice
  • at least one work for set-up of one’s own choice

The Semi Finals are to be considered as further qualifying rounds for the Finale, Sunday the 20th of November 2022.

New compulsory work by Petra Strahovnik

Petra Strahovnik writes the new compulsory work for the Semi Finals in the TROMP 2022 competition.

Attending the competition

The 1st en 2nd Rounds, Semi Finals and Finale take place at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. The 1st and 2nd Rounds and Semi Finals take place in the small hall and are open to the public. You can only enter the hall and take your seat in the applause and changes between participants.

Tickets for the Finale, which takes place in the main hall, can be purchased here.