Wim Mertens

The Inescapable Tour
Wed 8 Mar ’23 20:15 uur
Wed 8 Mar ’23
20:15 uur
  • Wed 8 Mar ’23
    20:15 uur
    Small Hall
    Past event

Composer, musicologist, musician and singer Wim Mertens has become a well known international name. Full concert halls in Europe, North and Central America, Japan, Thailand, Russia and is now once again on the stage of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.

Since 1980, Mertens has composed pieces in different formats, from short, accessible songs or Lieder to magnanimous and complex three- and four-part cycles, and for different settings: from solo piano to chamber music ensembles and symphony orchestra. He often writes for unusual instrumentations: twelve piccolos, ten bass trombones, thirteen clarinets. Since his recording debut in 1980, titled For Amusement Only, an electronic composition for pinball machines, Wim Mertens has released more than 65 albums.

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