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Togo All Stars

Togolese afrofunk band
i.c.w. Effenaar
Sun 29 Jan ’23 20:00 uur
Sun 29 Jan ’23
20:00 uur
  • Sun 29 Jan ’23
    20:00 uur
    Past event

Togo All Stars takes you on a musical journey through West Africa. Music from Lomé, the capital of Togo. Ghana's Accra, where highlife originated in the 1950s. Cotonou, the birthplace of the famous Orchestre Poly Rythmo. And Lagos, where founder Fela Kuti created his afrobeat. All of these influences are reflected in the music of one of Lomé's leading bands: Togo All Stars. On Sunday, January 29, they bring their signature Togolese sound drenched in afrofunk and voodoo rhythms to Effenaar.

The band combines the best of two generations. Singer Aguey Cudjoe was an afrofunk pioneer in Accra in the 1970s, the creative pinnacle of West African music. Awumakuga Oto Rodrigue is considered Lomé's most talented young singer and is on a mission to carry on the afrobeat legacy of idol Fela Kuti. Backed by drummer Agbozo (Youssou N'Dour), the group manages to embody both modernity and deep traditions.  

With the heavy-rhythmic sound of flowing guitars and pulsating horns as their backbone, the All Stars have managed to constantly renew themselves since the debut album (2018). The band already built a live reputation with spectacular shows at festivals such as North Sea Jazz Festival and Down The Rabbit Hole.  

Five years after the release of their debut album, it is now time for the follow-up Fâ; named after voodoo Oracle of Fâ. For their second album, Togo All Stars Collective consulted the Fâ more than once. The musicians traveled to various Vaudou temples, spoke with priests and participated in ceremonies, making music with initiates. The funky album Fâ brings a message to all people to reclaim themselves and what's more, it makes you want to dance.