Robin Scherpen

BRIDGE Eindhoven Guitar Festival
Sound & Silence
Sun 14 May ’23 20:15 uur
Sun 14 May ’23
20:15 uur
  • Sun 14 May ’23
    20:15 uur
    Paterskerk (DOMUSDELA)
    Past event

Classical guitarist Robin Scherpen will present his "Sound & Silence" show in the Paterskerk on Sunday 14 May. The audience can enjoy his beautiful music while lying down. This show is part of the brand new festival BRIDGE.

It shows the creative power of a true artist when he does not let setbacks deter him. That he even manages to turn such a setback into an advantage. Dutch classical guitarist and composer Robin Scherpen spent seven weeks in the dark during an experimental corneal transplant. Where this might be a frightening setting for some, Scherpen actually drew inspiration from the darkness, creating something beautiful. He composed his debut album For The Unseen entirely in the dark. A circumstance that threw him back to his intuition completely. "My bad eyes have taught me how essential it is to feel freedom when you are in a creative process," the guitarist says. Scherpen truly experienced that freedom when he noticed that the purest music came to him in unconscious moments.

Scherpen draws inspiration from modern composers such as Ólafur Arnalds, Yann Tiersen and Nils Frahm. His sparkling playing gives the classical instrument a fresh energy. Robin Scherpen makes music to which you can, may, must surrender. His show at the BRIDGE Festival is a recital that will undoubtedly provide a very special experience. With Robin Scherpen it is not what you see, but what you hear.

Lie back and enjoy the most beautiful music. During our Sound & Silence concerts, other senses start working. You'll be much more engaged in listening and perhaps also a little in feeling your body. Lying down gives another dimension to listening to music. It allows you to experience a concert in a completely different way. The evening starts with a special tea experience by tea sommelier Björn Cocu of Intelligentia Taste Rooms and an opening meditation and some relaxing yoga poses by Erik Gijselhart of Licht op Yoga. Bring your own (yoga) mat, pillow and blanket and enjoy lying down and listening to the music!

Tea experience

Upon entering, a special tea is served by tea sommelier Björn Cocu of Intelligentia Taste Rooms in Eindhoven. This herbal infusion has been specifically selected to suit the music of Sound & Silence.

Björn makes a decaffeinated sweet blend based on honeybush, blueberries, rosehip and hibiscus, without flavourings of course. He has chosen an herbal tea with a smooth, honey-like flavour. The decoction of the Honeybush bush (also called Kaapthee) has been drunk by the African tribe of "Khoi" since the 18th century. The bush gets its name from the scent it gives off when in bloom with lush yellow flowers.


The evening will be introduced with an opening meditation by Erik Gijselhart, owner of yoga studio Licht op Yoga in Eindhoven. This will soften the energy to create a nice transition to the concert. The meditation is followed by some exercises that help to let go so that the senses can be stimulated even better. No experience is required for these exercises.


This concert takes place in the Paterskerk, near DomusDela, accessible via Kanaalstraat 4. This is an unseated concert. So there is free choice of place.