Under The Surface

Blue Note ClubSessions
Sat 4 Feb ’23 17:00 uur

Sanne Rambags - vocals & lyrics 
Bram Stadhouders - guitar & compositions 
Joost Lijbaart - drums & organisation 
Lennart Heyndels - double bass, bass guitar, vocals 
Annabel Laura - guitar, lyre, keyboards, percussion, vocals 

Sat 4 Feb ’23
17:00 uur
  • Sat 4 Feb ’23
    17:00 uur
    Meneer Frits
    Past event

As a trio, Under the surface has been a welcome guest at Blue Note ClubSessions for years; for the live presentation of their new album Miin Triuwa, the band will perform in an especially large line-up. Since the formation of Under The Surface in 2015, the band has garnered international success.

From Africa to South America, Asia, the Middle East to the far corners of Europe, the trio plays to sold-out venues everywhere. Inspired by the many travels and cultures the group encountered, they developed a unique improvisational language, a combination between jazz, folk, ethnic and electronic music. With Miin Triuwa, Under The Surface embarks on a new musical journey with compositions by guitarist Bram Stadhouders. He wrote a suite of eight pieces in which the characters and qualities of the band members rise above themselves.

The ever-changing improvisations that characterise the group are now captured in a solid musical statement showing what the band stands for. Instead of travelling to other worlds, the group turned inwards with this project, exploring how their own roots influence their music. This will be certainly a mesmerising performance.

The Blue Note ClubSessions stand for an informal Saturday afternoon club setting featuring big names as well as upoming young talent from the jazz and soul scene. Meneer Frits offers a great setting to combine a get together and enjoying some top-level live music.

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Doors open at 16h00, this gives you time to enjoy a drink and the pleasant strains of our jazz-DJ. 

Live concert starts at 17h00 and finishes at 18h15; our jazz-DJ takes over until 19h00.

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