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Lunchtime concert

Dutch Classical Talent: Duo Dulfer & Witteveen
Thu 16 Feb ’23 12:30 uur
Thu 16 Feb ’23
12:30 uur
  • Thu 16 Feb ’23
    12:30 uur
    Small Hall
    Past event

An exciting combination: saxophone and bassoon. Extraverted versus introverted, sometimes emotional versus contemplative, feeling and intellect, these are some impressions of this surprising union. The duo goes on the hunt for their own voice and explores the entire history of music. Deborah Witteveen and Thomas Dulfer capture the zeitgeist in which millennials are growing up. Their lives are determined by the stress of choice, performance pressure and the delusion of the day. The audience participates in thinking about these dilemmas and becomes part of the concert.