Trio dos Anciões ft. WAKA

A contemporary samba-jazz sound
Blue Note ClubSessions
Sat 11 Mar ’23 17:00 uur
Sat 11 Mar ’23
17:00 uur
  • Sat 11 Mar ’23
    17:00 uur
    Meneer Frits
    Past event

Would you like a sultry summer evening on Copacabana beach, where warm bossa nova sounds echo? Or rather a lavish carnival in downtown Rio de Janeiro? You get both at these Blue Note ClubSessions as this fantastic young trio gives its own modern interpretation of the energetic, danceable Brazilian samba by mixing it with virtuosic jazz interplay.


Trio dos Anciões was formed in Feb. 2020 by three jazz musicians who met at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music. Because of their shared interest in Brazilian music (especially samba), together they set out to create a contemporary samba-jazz sound.


The arrangements use rhythmic elements as the basis for improvisations. These are derived from samba, but also from other Afro-Brazilian traditions, such as Forró, Maracatu, Jongo and Ijexá. Especially for this occasion, the Japanese singer WAKA is joining them; it will be an exotic afternoon!


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The Blue Note ClubSessions stand for an informal Saturday afternoon club setting featuring big names as well as upoming young talent from the jazz and soul scene. Meneer Frits offers a great setting to combine a get together and enjoying some top-level live music.

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