Gabriel Michaud & Valentine Michaud

Voyage au bout de la nuit
International Prizes & Awards
Sun 21 Jan ’24 14:15 uur

Gabriel Michaud, percussion
Valentine Michaud, saxofoon


Monk/G.Michaud - Round Midnight 
Piazzolla - Nightclub 1960 
Cengelosi - Bad Touch 
G. Michaud - Voyage au bout de la nuit 
Ter Veldhuis - Grab it 
Tanada - Mysterious Morning III 
PIazzolla - Bordel 1900 
Fauré - Après un rêve

Sun 21 Jan ’24
14:15 uur
  • Sun 21 Jan ’24
    14:15 uur
    Small Hall
  • A drink is included in the price

An homage to Céline's famous novel Journey to the End of the Night. On this afternoon, let yourself be swept away in a programme that takes you through the night with music from smoky jazz clubs, lonely nocturnal wanderings and encounters in dark streets. Gabriel Michaud from France won the First Prize, the Audience Prize and the Press Prize of the international TROMP Percussion Competition 2022 in Eindhoven. He was 19 at the time, making him the youngest TROMP winner ever. For this programme, he brings along his sister, saxophonist Valentine, who, like her brother, played a closet full of prizes. International stages and festivals are her playground.

Valentine Michaud (© Fred Merz)