philharmonie zuidnederland

Lampegats Konzèrt
Wed 7 Feb ’24 20:11 uur

Hans Leenders, conductor 
With the cooperation of Percossa

Wed 7 Feb ’24
20:11 uur
  • Wed 7 Feb ’24
    20:11 uur
    Main Hall
  • A drink is included in the price

'Lampegatters and Lampegatterinnekes!!! (lights out, spotlight on, drum roll...) Are you ready? In those unique days and nights when Eindhoven is renamed Lampegat, the carnival concert by philharmonie zuidnederland is a highlight not to be missed.

Classic all-time favourites and carnival hits, mop-up orchestras and symphonic highlights, what a feast of recognition. Nothing is impossible on this exuberant evening. This concert will conjure a smile on your face and a tear on your cheek. Get out of your seat, blow the roof off. With the genius act of percussion group Percossa and a symphony orchestra that can hardly wait any longer. The evening can't go wrong already!