Guitar Inside

BRIDGE Eindhoven Guitar Festival
Fri 7 Apr ’23 15:00 uur
Fri 7 Apr ’23
15:00 uur
  • Fri 7 Apr ’23
    15:00 uur
    M by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Blazing riffs and hypnotic melodic fragments: a guitar is what you listen to. But not only that: you also talk about it. About the instrument, its effects, the amps, the music you make with it and the passion a guitar evokes. During Guitar Inside -the talk show where we talk about the guitar- on April 07 we will chat with the guitar legend from Australia: Tommy Emmanuel and fingerstyle guitarist Mike Dawes.

Tickets are free, however you must reserve a seat through the ordering system. Only 30 places are available: be there in time!


Tommy Emmanuel will give a concert in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven on April 07. Prior to this concert, this edition 'Guitar Inside' with him will take place. This is therefore a separate event. You can find the concert of Tommy Emmanuel here.


Tommy Emmanuel, the guitar legend from Australia: by guitar connoisseurs, Tommy is considered one of the best guitarists in the world, and for good reason! He has collaborated with the biggest artists, such as Eric Clapton and John Denver, and was nominated twice for a Grammy Award.

Tommy will also give a concert in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven on April 07. Click here for more information.


What Tommy Emmanuel does solo would normally require three or more musicians. Who else can lay down the rhythm, play the riff AND sing the melody on just one acoustic guitar, like Tommy does with songs like 'Day Tripper'? We'll talk about this -and a lot more- during Guitar Inside. Extra cool: Mike Dawes will also join us.


Maybe it's better to call it nattering. In a living room setting not only presenter Eefke Boelhouwers (Harvest Music, working for Omroep Brabant), regular sidekick Niels Guns (journalist; guitar enthusiast) and you, the audience, will join in, but also various interesting guests. Guests who initially seem different: young versus old, metal versus jazz, male versus female, but all have one thing in common: their love for music and especially the guitar.

This talkshow is part of BRIDGE Festival. From May 10 to 14, the Brainport region will be dedicated to the world's most played instrument: the guitar. A festival for young and old, and for everyone who loves music.

Free choice of place

This is an unseated event. So there is free choice of place.