Lunchtime concert

Composition class Fontys AMPA
Thu 1 Jun ’23 12:30 uur

Enrico Ferri, piano
Kiete van der Laan, Lo, Gabriele Petouchoff, electronics
Gabriele Petouchoff, piano

Thu 1 Jun ’23
12:30 uur

The composition students from Fontys Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Tilburg play the leading role in this lunch concert in various ways. Not only are their works performed, but the composers themselves are the performers of their own music. Enrico Ferri and Gabriele Petouchoff have both composed pieces for piano, drawing inspiration from the city and nature. Kiete van der Laan, Lo, and Gabriele Petouchoff then demonstrate how it feels to experience tones as colors in an electronic performance that stimulates the senses.

Lunchtime concerts

Lunchtime concerts are wonderful to experience: both literally and figuratively! Taking a break in the middle of the day to enjoy a pleasant concert in the Small Hall. That really helps break up the day nicely! From piano recitals to chamber music and wind instruments, the offerings are diverse and innovative. Because we believe that emerging talent deserves a stage, the lunchtime concerts feature (recently graduated) students, competition winners, and other budding gems in the program.