Lunchtime concert

MetaMuziek Percussion Group
i.c.w. TROMP Percussion Eindhoven
Thu 22 Jun ’23 12:30 uur

Steve Reich - Mallet Quartet
Peter Garland - Apple Blossom
Aart Strootman - Shattered Canon part II
Steve Reich - Drumming
Philip Glass - Mad Rush

Thu 22 Jun ’23
12:30 uur

MetaMuziek Percussion Group has a variable working formation. Despite having three percussionists as founders, MetaMuziek aims for constant collaborations, making the group appear in many possible dispositions. In this concert they bring their brand new programme filled with classics from the minimal music scene as well as the works of prominent contemporary composers such as the Dutch composer Aart Strootman. With this experience they aim to take the listener on a journey through repetition.

As minimal music challenges conventional notions of musical development and offers a different perspective on how music can captivate and inspire its audience. Through simplicity, repetition, and gradual change, Minimal Music invites the listener to immerse themselves in its rhythmic and structural intricacies, resulting in a contemplative and introspective musical experience. The pioneers of minimal music present in this programme, such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass, sought to explore new musical territories by stripping down music to its essential elements. They often used repetitive melodic and rhythmic patterns that gradually evolve over time, creating a hypnotic and meditative listening experience.

Lunchtime concerts

Lunchtime concerts are wonderful to experience: both literally and figuratively! Taking a break in the middle of the day to enjoy a pleasant concert in the Small Hall. That really helps break up the day nicely! From piano recitals to chamber music and wind instruments, the offerings are diverse and innovative. Because we believe that emerging talent deserves a stage, the lunchtime concerts feature (recently graduated) students, competition winners, and other budding gems in the program.