Maat 47

Sat 2 Sep ’23 18:30 uur
Sat 2 Sep ’23
18:30 uur

Maat 47 (Johan Waaldijk) has been nominated for the prestigious title "Least Known Singer-Songwriter of the Netherlands" for the fourth consecutive time. Johan confidently expects to win that title effortlessly again this year! Maat 47 primarily performs original work, including English and Dutch pop songs. These are honest listening songs about love, doubt, adversity, and joy. The songs have an immediate appeal but are not overly predictable. In addition to his completely unknown original songs, Maat 47 also performs a few covers of well-known artists. His covers of French chansons, in particular, are received with enthusiasm. For the special Spotlight performance at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, he will be accompanied by Caroline Lobanov (vocals + piano).


In collaboration with ASML, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven opens its stages to amateur musicians to shine in front of an audience. Everything is arranged for the musicians: sound, lighting, tickets, dressing room, and a drink, so that they can feel like real artists. The only thing the artists need to do is perform. You can find more information about Spotlight here.