Paper Moon

Wed 6 Sep ’23 18:30 uur

Mariken Teerling, vocals/bass
Bas van Loon, keyboards
Matijs van der Kerkhof, guitar
Hans Vlemmix, guitar
Stephan Haans, drums

Wed 6 Sep ’23
18:30 uur

Paper Moon creates pop songs with a touch of edginess. The combination of keyboard play and laid-back guitar work on a steady beat creates a cinematic atmosphere for lead singer Mariken to deliver her lyrics. In addition to a melodic touch, the band also incorporates an experimental layer that adds unpredictability and spontaneity to their live performances. Don't expect a polished show or a smooth sound; the band juxtaposes beautiful melodies with their DIY attitude, which shines through in their music. Paper Moon treats the audience to a specially curated set from their repertoire spanning over the years.


In collaboration with ASML, Muziekgebouw Eindhoven opens its stages to amateur musicians to shine in front of an audience. Everything is arranged for the musicians: sound, lighting, tickets, dressing room, and a drink, so that they can feel like real artists. The only thing the artists need to do is perform. You can find more information about Spotlight here.