Lunchtime concert

Shane van Neerden (Dutch Classical Talent)
Thu 25 Jan ’24 12:30 uur

Debussy - Selections from 12 Etudes
Scriabin - Sonata No. 8
Ives - Piano Sonata No. 2
Rick van Veldhuizen - Lanterns_(Distant), for piano and microtonal piano

Thu 25 Jan ’24
12:30 uur

A sophisticated, accessible and varied theatrical concert that Shane van Neerden presents here. A work by Rick van Veldhuizen forms the heart of this programme. Various image and text projections and spoken text guide you like a lantern through music by Van Veldhuizen, Debussy, Skrjabin and Ives.

This concert involves a special composition commission written for two pianos: a traditional concert grand piano and a buffet piano in a completely newly developed, pure tuning. The use of spoken textin Veldhuizen's piece adds an extra layer to the concert's versatility. Texts will also be incorporated into the concert at other moents, like a fine thread in a fabric. The texts used will guide you through the afternoon to get closer to the music.

Lunchtime concerts

Lunchtime concerts are a delicious break in the middle of your day, and you can take this literally! An hour of lovely music in our Small Hall. From piano recitals to chamber music and wind instruments, we offer a varied and refreshing programme. Because we think it's important to offer a stage to budding talent, you'll find recently graduated musicians and competition winners performing for you.


After the concert

Of course, a lunchtime concert is not complete without a tasty lunch. Therefore, you will can enjoy a tasty homemade soup and delicious fresh bread in the City Foyer after the concert. You can order this directly with your ticket!