Lunchtime concert

Musetta Ensemble
Thu 5 Oct ’23 12:30 uur

Ashley Stapelfeldt, soprano
Mónica Rollings, flute
Rebeca Romera, clarinet
Almudena Curros, bass clarinet
Toni Inglés, piano

Thu 5 Oct ’23
12:30 uur

Musetta Ensemble members are Master Students and Alumni from Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. They come from Spain and South Africa.

This concert that takes you on a journey through pieces from different countries. The format is arranged to fit the ensemble, while maintaining the integrity of the original music. 

Musetta Ensemble originates from the idea of downsizing pieces from operas and musicals to produce pocket-size performances for both small and large stages. The main objective is to create a medium between the accompaniment that a piano can provide and the rich support of a full orchestra. The ensemble performs excerpts from a variety of works that introduce the audience to different leading roles; it's like having a cup of tea with your favourite character; thus making the music more accessible. The concert includes French, Italian and Spanish operas, as well as German operetta. In contrast, the ensemble has also included instrumental intermezzi and traditional South African music.


Lunchtime concerts

Lunchtime concerts are a delicious break in the middle of your day, and you can take this literally! An hour of lovely music in our Small Hall. From piano recitals to chamber music and wind instruments, we offer a varied and refreshing programme. Because we think it's important to offer a stage to budding talent, you'll find recently graduated musicians and competition winners performing for you.


After the concert

Of course, a lunchtime concert is not complete without a tasty lunch. Therefore, you will can enjoy a tasty homemade soup and delicious fresh bread in the City Foyer after the concert. You can order this directly with your ticket!