An Allstar Hommage to Tom Waits
Thu 20 Mar ’25 20:15 uur
Thu 20 Mar ’25
20:15 uur

The tribute band Braindogs consists of English blues singer Ian Siegal, Ripoff Raskolnikov, Mischa den Haring from T-99, and members of the well-known Hungarian band Quimby. Together, they deliver an impressive tribute to Tom Waits' raw voice and poetic lyrics, performing hits like 'I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You' and 'Downtown Train'. Every year, Braindogs performs a top-notch musical show in Budapest that attracts fans from all over Europe. In March, they will come to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven to celebrate Tom Waits' 70th birthday!

Tom Waits began in the early seventies as a bar singer with a penchant for beat poets and West Coast jazz. By the late eighties, he had evolved into a brilliant and adventurous musician. His unique style was a mix of Howlin' Wolf, Kurt Weill, and Captain Beefheart. In addition to his musical career, he also excelled as a theatrical performer and appeared in several feature films. Although Waits is considered a true cult artist, his songs have been covered by a wide range of artists: from Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, and even The Ramones. And tonight, they will be performed by Braindogs!