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LAIR & Monica Hapsari

Indonesian psych-soul/funk band
Fri 23 Aug ’24 21:00 uur
Fri 23 Aug ’24
21:00 uur
  • Fri 23 Aug ’24
    21:00 uur
    M by Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

They travel all the way from Indonesia to Eindhoven for the very first edition of Kaleidoscope: the six-member band LAIR and singer-songwriter Monica Hapsari! LAIR gives traditional Indonesian folk a unique twist. Musical traditions are enriched with elements of funk and psychedelic rock, making LAIR a vibrant musical ensemble. Standing still is not an option!

The music of LAIR is deeply rooted in the musical movement of "Panturan Tarling," a form of grassroots music and performance art popular in parts of Java. In February, they released their latest album 'Ngélar,' which means 'going around to celebrate something' in their native language. This promises great things. "Ngélar," LAIR's second album, was released in February. The record tells profound social stories, touching on intimate subjects. LAIR often speaks about 'tanah' or 'ground,' referring to the history of Jatiwangi (their birthplace). This city is the largest producer of clay and terracotta products in Indonesia. The unique bond of Jatiwangi's inhabitants with 'tanah' is strongly reflected in LAIR's music and instruments, which are largely made of terracotta. Together with singer-songwriter Monica Hapsari, who collaborated on several tracks on "Ngélar," LAIR will take you on a journey to Jatiwangi tonight.


M becomes the ultimate club for your Friday night once a month! Kaleidoscope continuously surprises you with an eclectic mix of music styles. Here, the familiar meets the unexpected, and traditional sounds blend seamlessly with modern psychedelia and pop. Get ready to practice your dance moves: at Kaleidoscope, you'll be on your feet. Just as the pattern of a kaleidoscope constantly changes and amazes, so does this new program lineup. The best sounds from all corners of the world unite on the stage of M. Guaranteed to be a great start to your weekend!


The doors of M open at 9:00 PM, where you can start enjoying a drink and the music of a DJ. The concert starts at 10:00 PM and lasts until approximately 11:15 PM. After LAIR's performance, the DJ will spin some more tracks for another hour to complete the evening!