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The Kik

Bal Populaire
Thu 5 Jun ’25 20:15 uur

Dave von Raven - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Ries Doms - drums, percussion
Marcel Groenewegen - bass
Arjan Spies - vocals, guitar
Paul Zoontjens - keyboards

Thu 5 Jun ’25
20:15 uur
  • Thu 5 Jun ’25
    20:15 uur
    Hertog Jan Hall
  • A drink is included in the price

The Rotterdam beat band The Kik has proven to be one of the most versatile bands in the Netherlands. In recent years, they have performed classic albums by Boudewijn de Groot and translated hits from the Eurovision Song Contest. With their brand new album "Bal Populaire," Dave Von Raven and his men are once again focusing on their own work. This album exudes a love for the Dutch levenslied (life song), featuring ten original tracks—including the single "Daggie Niet Gelachen"—and two covers. Expect an evening full of levensliederen, smartlappen, and tearjerkers.

 The band, consisting of singer Dave von Raven, bassist Marcel Groenewegen, guitarist Arjan Spies, drummer Ries Doms, and keyboardist Paul Zoontjens, has been operating from Rotterdam since 2011. In 2013, the band performed as the house band in the eighth season of 'De Wereld Draait Door'. This was followed by various club tours and performances at festivals. In recent years, The Kik has also regularly served as the house band for Beau on RTL.