Frank Muller
Wed 3 Apr ’19 20:15 uur

Pim van Lommel & Black Pencil & the National Women’s Youth Choir

Wed 3 Apr ’19
20:15 uur
  • Wed 3 Apr ’19
    20:15 uur
    small hall
  • Price does not include € 2 service costs per ticket

 Cardiologist Pim van Lommel has been conducting research into near-death experience for decades. His conclusion: our consciousness is not linked to our brain. So, what’s the story? And what does that tell us about life after death? Van Lommel’s book Eindeloos bewustzijn, (ed: ‘Infinite consciousness’) published in 2007, became a best-seller. Today he will be speaking not only about his book, but will also discuss the discoveries he has made since then.

His lecture will be embellished with music by the virtuoso ensemble Black Pencil and the National Women’s Youth Choir. Together, they will be presenting an eclectic mix of contemporary and early music. The focal point of the concert is a new work by Peter Vigh: ‘totaliter aliter’, a medieval term for describing the afterlife. One thing is certain, it is completely different: totaliter aliter. In addition to this, you will hear music by Hildegard van Bingen and thirteenth-century tales set to music exalting the miracles of the Virgin Mary.

To keep waiting times down to an absolute minimum, this concert makes use of a cash-free interval. Interval drinks are included in your tickets: the perfect solution to enjoy your company and your drink as long as possible!

This is a Dutch-spoken performance

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