What do you know about fado? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

Like Muziekgebouw has done before, this season again it welcomes several different fado artists. Fado is a genre dating back some 200 years ago, representing life in sunny Portugal. Fadeo deals with familiar themes like grief, possibilities and impossibilities. It is much loved in its own country, Portugal, but the love for fado is growing more and more in The Netherlands as well. What do you know about fado? Test your knowledge with this quiz!

1. From which country does fado originate?

  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Portugal

2. Fado comed from the Latin ‘fatum’. What does is mean?

  • My heart speaks
  • Fate
  • Of the people 

3. Who is the most famous person from the history of fado?

  • Amália Rodrigues
  • Maria Callas
  • Montserrat Caballé 

4. Fado was first associated with prostitution and crime. Why?

  • This music has its roots in prison
  • Fado artists performed mainly in the streets
  • This music was meant for the poor 

5. What is the name for a female fado singer?

  • Fadoa
  • Fadista
  • Fada

 6. One of the instruments used often in fade is…

  • Bandonion
  • Mouth-organ
  • Guitara 

7. Who won’t be performing at Muziekgebouw this season

  • Cristina Branco
  • Sara Correira
  • Mariza 

8. Holland has its own well known fado singer. What’s her name?

  • Nynke Laverman
  • Wende
  • Joan Franca 

9. Unesco hasn’t yet formally acknowledged fado as immaterial cultural heritage

  • True
  • Not true 

1: Portugal, 2: Fate, 3: Amália Rodrigues, 4: This music was meant for the poor, 5: Fadsista, 6: Guitarra, 7: Mariza, 8: Nynke Laverman, 9: Not true

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