Van Meurs Mondays

Concerts with singer-songwriters, acoustic bands, rootsy performers and other gems from the musical world take place at Meneer Frits every Monday. We call this event ‘De Maandag van Van Meurs’, or ‘Van Meurs' Monday’.

We hang up the red curtains, turn the chairs, put the spotlights on and Meneer Frits is transformed into a club with a beautiful sound. You’ll be able to enjoy the acts in an intimate setting.

After a long period of illness, Ad van Meurs passed away on 10 November 2017 at the age of 64. We lost a dear friend and a great artist who always had inquisitive ways of looking at music, musicians and the musical experience. Ad’s evenings will continue to live up to, and honour, his philosophy. The search for new talent continues unabated, just as Ad would have wanted.

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