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Storioni Grande Parada
Sat 20 Jan 2018

Storioni's Grande Parade

19:30 hrs   |  All halls and foyers   |  Orchestra   |   € 32,00

Nicolas Altstaedt cello, Vladimir Mendelssohn viola, Storioni Trio, Alexander Lonquich piano a.o.

Including works of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bjarnason, Haydn, Rózsa

Altstaedt makes his entrance at the Storioni Festival surrounded by major musicians. He chooses Haydn’s succinct first cello concert. Haydn wrote early in his career; it sparkles, shines, it is such lively work. The finale a true fireball of which every cellist of consequence feels; I can do it faster… Miklós Rósza’s music, also played by Altstaedt, is more familiar then you think: the Hungarian composed the scores for Ben Hur and Ivanhoe.


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