Tue 9 May ’23

Refugees have been accommodated at AZC Budel in the Eindhoven region since 2014. This important reception location is the largest reception centre in the Netherlands after Ter Apel. This AZC also accommodates many children; these children attend school in Maarheeze, at primary school de Opstap.

It goes without saying that these children have been through a lot. Culture can help them catch their breath and make new and beautiful memories. And maybe you'll discover that you really like a certain instrument!

Muziekgebouw Eindhoven and ASML therefore joined forces to give these children in particular an unforgettable day with an Unforgattable Class. The children were picked up yesterday morning for a music workshop with the musicians of Just Press Play in the main hall. Just Press Play is an exciting performance in the form of a music playground, accompanied by live music from ensemble But What About. While playing, the children find out that each object has a reaction in the music.

After the children had worked and practised hard all morning, the day ended with a real performance, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all!