M Recordings

M Recordings Eindhoven is Muziekgebouw Eindhoven’s own label. Our label represents the high-quality recording of innovative and unique musical productions. Muziekgebouw Eindhoven actively supports top talent and develops a number of its own productions each season that are worth recording onto audio media. Thanks to Muziekgebouw Eindhoven’s exceptional acoustics and our state-of-the-art recording studio, musicians from all over the world come here to record their albums.

'A beautiful bed to lie down in' (2013) by Lunapark (now known as Lunatree) was the first album to appear on the M Recordings label. Muziekgebouw Eindhoven is once again supporting a top Brabant ensemble with the second release called 'Darkness rises' from mixed minimal chamber metal group, Temko. The 'Darkness rises' music forms part of 'De Volmaakte Mens' production which Muziekgebouw Eindhoven developed in collaboration with journalist Bas Heijne as part of the Scherpdenkers concert series.

September 2017 saw M Recordings’ next release entitled 'Confessions', a 14-part song cycle by the Faroese singer-songwriter Teitur and the American composer Nico Muhly. 'Confessions', which was a Muziekgebouw Eindhoven assignment/own production in collaboration with Cross-linx, had its festival premiere in 2008 and toured in 2009 at seven Dutch concert halls with great success. The album is available outside the Benelux region on the ‘Nonesuch Records’ label.

In July 2018, violinist Diamanda Dramm recorded a CD in collaboration with M Recordings. Check out the photo report below to get an impression of a recording session at the Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.


For more information, please contact Tom Ketelaar at tom.ketelaar@mgehv.nl and 040 - 265 56 61.