Cultural sector urges ticketholders: Save your ticket, enjoy later

Theatres, concert venues, pop stages, event- and sports organizations, museums and festivals all over The Netherlands have joined forces in asking the audience to hold on to their tickets so as to support the cultural sector. The sector as a whole, supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, has developed a scheme in accordance with the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets’ ruling. 

COVID-19 concerns us all, including the cultural and sports sector. Many performances, festivals, competitons and concerts have been postponed or cancelled; museums have had to close their doors. The various trade associations have now joined in a collaboration, urging their visitors to save their tickets until venues are allowed to re-open: Save your ticket, enjoy later

Appropriate solutions

Ticketholders will be offered an appropriate solution for retaining their tickets. Concerts that have been cancelled due to the corona crisis will be rescheduled as much as possible, in which case original tickets are valid for the new date. Should it not be possible to reschedule, or in the event that a concert is cancelled entirely or a ticketholder is unable to attend the new date, ticketholders will be entitled to a voucher representing the ticket value including admin costs. Vouchers can be used at a later date so visitors can enjoy events, performances, festivals and exhibitions at that time.  Ticketholders will be informed about the practicalities concerning the event and the tickets by the event organisation. Ticketholders are also given the option to convert their tickets into a donation thereby supporting artists, creators and people behind the scenes. 

Generous support

The joint arrangement follows the rules of the Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM) and is supported by Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven of Education, Culture and Science, among others: "These are challenging times for the cultural sector as well. We can help theatres, organisers, pop venues and museums by continuing to go to shows, only later when circumstances permit. Events are now being rescheduled. Save your ticket and keep enjoying culture. And if you can't go, ask for a voucher. That's how you help the cultural sector to stay afloat."

Enjoy later

With 'Save your ticket, enjoy later' the sector hopes to inspire the audience to savour their visit to their favourite venue. The scheme can help support the cultural and sports sector sustain the economic blow caused by the corona crisis. This will give time to organisations to work on mounting new events in the future. And this not only concerns organisations, artists and venues, but in particular everyone behind the scenes as well working to facilitate events: stage builders, technicians, creatives and other independent workers in the sector. 


Organisations will of course understand if ticketholders, for whatever reason, aren’t able to contribute to this scheme; they can still opt for restitution. Refunds will be related to the date of the  original or postponed event, handling of which is described in the Regulations Corona Crisis Tickets document.  

More information

More information about 'Save your ticket, enjoy later' can be found on 

Vragen / contact

Neem contact op met voor alle vragen rond vouchers, donaties of restitutie. Vermeld zo goed als mogelijk de eigen contactgegevens en het concert waar het over gaat.


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