Music for Everyone


In 2020, the city councel stated:”Culture in particular has the power to connect and bring people together, regardless of their schooling, background or income. We see institutions increasingly using culture in their programme. Culture has the power to make people experience their city differently. With the ‘Music for Everyone' programme we aim at reaching those people who can’t afford a concert ticket. We work together with local partners who specialize in reaching those groups.

Cultuur-Inclusief (Culture Included)

Cultuur-Inclusief strives to make art and culture accessible to all inhabitants of the Eindhoven region. They aim especially at art lovers who have to make do on a tight budget and can’t afford it. Cultuur-Inclusief offers them vouchers for four performances per year to spend on a performance of their choice. These vouchers are paid for by the visitors of cultural institutions who can choose to donate an extra sum towards Cultuur-Inclusief on top of their tickets price. 

Quiet Eindhoven

Quiet Eindhoven would like to play an active role in easing the effects of poverty though a sharing platform that doesn’t involve money. We believe we will have a stronger, healthier and richer society in Eindhoven when everyone counts, is equally important and acknowledged. We would like to contribute to our memebers’ lives, not just to their survival. 

Healthcare workers

The corona pandemic has had a devastating effect during the past few years on the Dutch medical system. To this day, care organizations are still struggling with massive arrears. We would like to offer some symbolic support to the care workers of Eindhoven by making free tickets available to them for a selection of concerts. Just so they can have a moment to recharge their batteries. For us it means we can contribute, be it in a modest way, to the regional care system.

Drawing for Freedom

Drawing for Freedom is a collaboration with War Child and several primary schools from the so called ‘krachtwijken’ (power neighbourhoods) in Eindhoven. Over 600 youths were engaged in an interactive music event in our Main hall. An example of how we’re developing a lasting relationship with Eindhoven’s younger generation.